My first published poetry collection is available at New Plains Press

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MY NEXT BOOK TITLED, MARCH OF MADNESS: A Journey Into Depression which is a nonfiction work, has gone through the final editing process and is being formatted for publication. It should be ready for release early in 2021. I will post updates here when it is available.



I would also like to mention that I am ten chapters into my next novel titled MURDER AT MOON HOLLOW. This book is set in the late 1950s in the east Kentucky Appalachians. It tells the story of a rather crooked constable and his dealings with moonshiners and other illegal activites which leads to his downfall.








My novel titled "THE HAUNTING OF SMITH ORCHARD" has been published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. Both e-book and paperback editions are available.


THE HAUNTING OF SMITH ORCAHRD has been chosen for inclusion in CQI International's recommended 'Must Read' books for 2020 web site is listed below. If the link doesn't work copy and paste into your browser.



Below are the direct links to purchase my book. Hope y'all enjoy reading it. If you read the book you may if you wish post a comment in the comment section here on my site to let others know what you thought. Thanks.


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The Haunting Of Smith Orchard


Strange things.........

The Summer of 1960 finds siblings Ellis , Wanda and young Timmy moving with their parents from town to an old farmhouse and orchard. Strange events begin to occur almost immediately, odd noises coming from the upstairs bedroom, and a picture being moved from an old trunk in the attic. While out exploring the old barn the kids run across Joe, the foreman of the estate, and he tells them about Amanda and Eli Smith, past owners of Smith Orchard.

Amanda was home alone one stormy Summer day while Eli and Joe were out working. She fell from a stool while cleaning a chandelier and hit her head, and though she managed to crawl out to the deck, Amanda died before help could arrive. Eli was left devastated, especially when he couldn't find the special locket his wife had always worn.

The kids believe the ghost of Eli is behind the strange happenings in the house and they go on a quest to find the missing locket before school starts.



Pauline Reid   (aka - paulinereidbookreviewer)

Title - The Haunting of Smith Orchard Author - Jimmie R Pennington

Book Details - ARC - eARC - pages - 118 .

The first siting of what was to become their home, a home with an Orchard...nothing wrong with that ... or is there?.  As they drove up in the old Lincoln Sedan they set their eyes on an old brick house.  To the rear of the house lay acres of apples, peaches and pear trees....it was the summer of 1960 (caught you off guard there, you thought I was going to say .. it was the summer of 69... but, no!)  Anyway, Timmy, Ellis and Wanda and Timmy's Dad, Ira, and mother, Ola, shifted from city to country life.  The old house was in disparate need of repairs, the rental fees reduced in exchange for keeping an eye on it.

As with any kids a great adventure is when you get to a new house you want to explore.  Timmy, Ellis and Wanda were no different, intrigued by the sheep that were shorn in the barn to the antique Victrola, with a crank handle and vinyl records in a draw... all of which were in a musty attic.... however in the next smaller room, they found under a white sheet an old trunk with some photos and a wedding dress in it.  By this time they all thought it was a good idea to go back down stairs to see how Mum and Dad were doing ... however Wanda felt, as she closed the door, that this wouldn't be the last time.... and then there was a mysterious noise coming up from the attic.

It was heard again when Wanda and her Mum were sorting out the sewing room.... tingling and then a thump, so what was behind these strange noises?  And what was the tale about the wedding dress and the photo?  Was there a connection?  Nothing is as crystal clear as you would think.

Oh what a book!   So many things happen.  One of the farmhands builds a club house for the kiddies and they go on so many adventures, including, getting bucked by a bull, trying to solve a mystery of a missing locket, to bats and chipmunks.  This book is so jam packed full, that the average reader will find trouble laying this down to rest. 

I give it 5 out of 5.  It comes highly recommended by me and would suit anyone who loves adventures, this I will put up in the YA genre, although it's set out more of a pre teens book.  It so much reminds me of The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. Looking at it from an adult perspective, I really enjoyed the easy going read and at times unputdownable.  I really enjoyed how the author revealed through the characters the mystery behind the locket, great concept at how he used these characters.

Thank goes out to Crimson Cloak Publishing for letting me read it in exchange for a honest review.

Hungry anyone?

This is carving #329. The egg white is painted sand stone, the yolk is orange alabaster, and the bacon is a piece of brown alabaster. The stone I used for the bacon is not painted, it is in its natural color. The plate is a nice piece of china I needed a suitable setting to serve the entree'.   ENJOY!


Me with a poem I wrote which is displayed at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The poem was most recently added on display at the Kieth Whitley Musum in his home town of Sandy Hook, Kentucky. The poem is shown above this pic...




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If ya'll wanna attend a great folk art show and sale check out Minnie Adkins Day held each July in her home town of Sandy Hook , Kentucky.I'll be there with my art & Books.






Minnie Adkins Day


Exhibit piece at the Kentucky Folk Art Center  gallery there were several artist there. The exhibits focus was on sticks and stones,and what could be created from them. My piece  was a stool made of sticks for the legs and the top was a quilt pattern called cross roads. I used black pearl soap stone and peach wonder stone to create the quilt pattern.

There is a close up view of the stool in the slideshow on the  "picture" page.

KENTUCKY FOLK ART CENTER- Morehead Kentucky      https://www.moreheadstate.edu/kfac/


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